Simply Said
Simply Said
Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication.

Business Context

You are pitching to a client and sharing a deck outlining your proposal. The discussion goes well. But the client is spending more time flipping through the deck than engaging with you. Is the presentation helping you or distracting them? Is it a struggle to balance the materials you share and the client conversations you lead?

Challenge & Solution

As a professional, how can you consistently deliver a clear message through compelling visuals– and avoid death by Power Point? Both in delivery and design, your goal is to give the client two ways of understanding your approach: first, through the conversation and, second, through the materials. If either one gets neglected, your impact diminishes. That’s why using proven techniques to visualize and clarify your presentations are essential to convey complex ideas.

Exec-Comm’s Crafting High-Impact Presentations program teaches you how to develop your ideas and use design concepts to create compelling decks.

Participant Benefits

After participating in this program, you will:

  • Learn a five-step process to design content
  • Clarify the key messages of a presentation
  • Use supporting evidence effectively
  • Organize content for maximum impact
  • Design visuals that engage the audience
  • (Optional) Present your visuals clearly to your audience

Interactive Learning

You will acquire skills through instructor briefings and individual and group exercises. A typical half-hour includes 10 minutes of instructor briefing and 20 minutes of practice and skill building. Participants are asked to bring their laptops and a deck they can edit.

Customization & Sustainability

  • Content: We can tailor the title, skills, exercises, and timing to meet your needs.
  • Setting: This program works in large group, small group, and one-on-one settings.
  • Duration: From two to three hours, we can work within your timeframe.
  • Sustainability Tools: We provide “skills trackers,” checklists, planners, email reminders, access to, continued instructor access, and our book, Simply Said, to extend the learning and increase skill retention.