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Simply Said
Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication.

Case Study

Executive Coaching

A premier global investment bank envisioned a leadership program for its highest performing senior level talent. View more to see how they partnered with Exec-Comm.

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One-on-One Professional Development

Business Context, Challenge & Solution

Firms spend enormous amounts of time and energy grooming professionals toward partnership. The professionals work hard for a decade or more honing their technical and interpersonal skills to prepare for the next phase in their career. The partner interview process at most firms takes a full year, and seemingly countless hours to make sure the needs of the firm will be met.

For decades, Exec-Comm has helped professionals who are being considered for partnership at accounting, consulting, and law firms. These partner candidates enhance their executive presence, hone effective messages about themselves and their plans for contributing to the firm, increase their personal confidence, and improve their overall effectiveness in communicating with others. Because each person’s needs are unique, the coaching is highly customized. Coaching sessions include video recording, feedback and skill-building exercises, business simulations, and role-play scenarios.

Prior to each one-on-one coaching engagement, we gather insight about the partner candidate from the participant, key stakeholders, and Human Resources professionals. This may include watching videos or listening in on conference calls with the participant.

Partner Candidate Benefits

Strengthen Their Personal Communication Skills

  • Maintain strong eye contact while communicating
  • Gesture naturally and expressively
  • Speak clearly and concisely, and increase vocal impact
  • Listen accurately
  • Understand and use their Personal Communication Style to their advantage
  • Deliver more effective presentations in various settings

Refine Their Content

  • Hone effective messages and tell engaging stories
  • Approach clients and prospective clients with a personal strategy

Enhance Their Leadership Skills

  • Strategize meetings and learn to involve everyone
  • Subtly control the group, individuals, and information flow during meetings
  • Foster collaboration, build consensus, and encourage follow-up
  • Explore ways to gain cooperation and commitment from subordinates