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Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication.

Case Study

Partnering in the Classroom

A premier global technology company’s learning team reached capacity training new consultants for its Global Business Services division. View more to see how they partnered with Exec-Comm.

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Business Context

You want to accelerate learning across business lines because there is significant knowledge to relay, and skill gaps to address. In order to compete and win in today’s global marketplace, you need to develop your best people and most important teams - many times that comes in the form of classroom training and role-plays

Challenge & Solution

When you assess the ability of your internal team of learning and human resource professionals to meet the growing development needs, you realize that you have an issue - limited capacity. While your team of trainers, coaches, and subject matter experts are highly talented, you want to extend their reach and impact.

Exec|Comm’s Facilitation Services can ramp up your learning and development initiatives. We can learn your content and teach solo, or compliment your internal resources in the classroom. We’re passionate and experienced instructors who are eager to collaborate and help your professionals learn.

Enterprise & Participant Benefits

By partnering with our seasoned team of 50 global facilitators, you will add instructional capacity and reach in the following ways:

  • Serve you from eleven global hubs
  • Coach your participants in ten languages
  • Offer you a diverse team of facilitators to match engagement need
  • Bring fresh and objective perspective to your programs
  • Learn your content delivery through our proven four-step process
  • Help with scheduling and program logistics when needed

Train-the-Trainer Process

  • Step 1: Observe – we observe or participate in your class
  • Step 2: Study – we study your content and materials
  • Step 3: Practice – we practice delivering your content while being recorded
  • Step 4: Teach – we teach or co-teach your content

Feedback & Customization

We’re happy to share feedback about your content and work with you to help customize or refine your existing training programs.