Jeff Ward

Facilitator, N. America

Jeff Ward is a facilitator on Exec-Comm’s North America team. He brings over 30 years of leadership experience in management, business development, and marketing to his role as an Exec-Comm facilitator and coach. Jeff specializes in presentation, meeting, writing and executive presence skills. He has empowered professionals throughout North America, Bermuda, India, and England through his coaching. Jeff believes that many professionals are called to leadership and business development roles without the necessary skills or training to be effective. He leverages his knowledge and real-life experiences to help these professionals be more connected and impactful. 

Prior to joining Exec-Comm, Jeff was the CEO of a manufacturing company for 16 years, holding full managerial, P&L, and shareholder responsibilities. Following that, he held senior level positions in manufacturing, technology, and supply chain management companies. He worked with one the top 15 accounting firms, as the Dean of the Marketing College for the firm’s professional development university.

Jeff holds a B.A. from Taylor University and an M.B.A. in Management from Temple University’s Fox School of Business. He lives in the Philadelphia area, and enjoys traveling to be with his children and grandchildren, where he’s always searching for an interesting golf course and some good food. At home, Jeff is head chef, preparing his favorite French, Indian, Italian dishes, and using any recipe by Ina Garten that he can find.

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