Jeff Ward

Facilitator, N. America

Jeff Ward leverages his 30 years of business development and marketing in his role as an Exec-Comm facilitator, specializing in presentation, meeting and writing skills. Jeff has trained professionals in the United States, India, England, and Canada.

Prior to joining Exec-Comm, Jeff held a senior level position with one of the top 25 US CPA firms. In addition to leading marketing for five industry niches, he was the Dean of the Marketing College for the firm’s professional development university.

Previously, Jeff led companies and sales organizations of various sizes and was the CEO of a manufacturing company for 16 years, holding full managerial, P&L, and shareholder responsibilities. After successfully merging that company, Jeff subsequently worked with companies across a broad range of industries including professional services, public relations, technology and manufacturing.

Jeff holds a B.A. from Taylor University and an M.B.A. in Management from Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

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