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Small Changes Drive Employee Engagement

The job market continues to improve and companies are fighting to retain their best employees and attract new talent. Business leaders are scrambling to figure out how to improve employee engagement. A recent study by the Harvard Business Review surveyed … Continue reading

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Know Your Strengths and Challenge Assumptions

Often in business, we are underestimated. Whether it’s due to gender, race, age, or experience, assumptions are made quickly and they are hard to change. To set yourself apart, you need to recognize your strengths and market them appropriately. If … Continue reading

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Managing Your First Team

The step from a junior employee to supervisor can be a daunting one. It’s one thing to manage your own schedule, workload, and projects. Once you add others to the equation, whether it be a summer intern or a new … Continue reading

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Exec|Comm Tip: How to Calm Your Nerves in Front of an Audience

Experiencing anxiety while speaking to an audience is common for new presenters and seasoned speakers alike. You’d like to come across as engaging, confident, and memorable while keeping yourself at ease and grounded. Kate Sweeney, Exec-Comm Facilitator, shares valuable tips … Continue reading

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Write Effective E-Mails

Sending an effective email can mean the difference between a prompt solution to a problem, or an agonizing wait for a response. When writing an email, focus on the reader and deliver your message clearly and concisely. Consider how your … Continue reading

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Connect With Your Audience

Many professionals struggle to get their message across, whether it’s choosing the right words or getting in front of the right audience. Your communication skills play a large part in how well you deliver your message and connect with your … Continue reading

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