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Growing and Sustaining Learning

Global Case Study

The Challenge

A Fortune 100 financial services organization annually gathers their worldwide new managers from the Global Markets and Investment Banking divisions. During that gathering in New York City, Exec-Comm teaches them leadership skills. The client requested local training, on a global basis, to support, reinforce and broaden the two-day leadership training. Given that we partnered on training solutions for over 20 years, the client felt confident in our abilities to solve this challenge.

The Solution

Exec-Comm began by designing an interactive two-hour virtual program. This content, created in English, included a recap of the New York session. It then introduced two new skills, to sharpen the participant’s managerial abilities.

Meanwhile, the client identified key locations in Asia and Europe to pilot the virtual program. Initially, Exec-Comm delivered the webinars from our New York office. Our multi-lingual instructors would deliver the content in English and at times answer questions in the local language. The program then expanded to various Latin American and South American audiences.

As the program’s delivery expanded, Exec-Comm’s local delivery capabilities also broadened. We created a global network of facilitators to meet the needs of participants in the program. All the facilitators trained and received teaching certification at our headquarters. This guaranteed that we delivered the program content consistently across the globe. A participant in London would learn the same skills, in the same way, as a participant in Tokyo, São Paulo, or Hong Kong.

This global network allowed us to offer effective on-site training to the client while also managing costs. Those trainings reinforced and deepened the skills taught virtually. The three-hour classroom training also provided role-play interactions with colleagues, using scenarios unique to their location. For all these programs, the facilitators delivered the content in English and then conducted the program exercises and feedback in the local language: French, Spanish, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, German and Portuguese.

The Results

The number of participants and locations continue to grow. Since 2009, we’ve conducted 20 virtual sessions and 40 local live sessions. Over 600 attended these programs to date. While the scope of the program has grown, the content and delivery continue to consistently receive high ratings. The attendees appreciate the relevancy and practical nature of the shorter training sessions. And we remain flexible and proud to sustain the client’s global training objectives.

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